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I never understood people who would sit in their car with the windows down and blast rap music through their super expensive car speakers. I’m sure you’ve heard it, that deep bass that you feel through your body as if it’s trying to shake the loose change from your pockets. I’ve always thought that it was rude (especially if there are racial slurs or cursing…c’mon, kids can hear this). How dare they disrupt my surroundings? Are they purposely trying to ruin my day?

But I experienced something today that would alter my perception of this public display and make me reframe these sorts of situations.

I had just finished my morning grocery run to the local Publix Grocery Store. As I exited the store I was overcome with the sound of music, blasting through the speakers of a car. This was no ordinary car though. It was a modest car, windows down and parked in the handicapped parking space. The sound seemed to emanate from standard, stock car speakers, as the bass wasn’t rumbling through my body. What was it about this particular car that piqued my interest? In the back seat was an elderly lady, who was 85 years old if she were a day. And in the driver’s seat? An elderly man, also in his 80’s. The radio was blasting big band music from circa the 1940’s. The absolute best part was the old man was ‘conducting’ the orchestra for the lady in the backseat! The guy was going to town in the driver’s seat like Count Basie conducting his orchestra! I witnessed pure, unadulterated happiness.

What is so different from this scenario versus the previous scenario I described earlier? Nothing. It’s people living in their own moment, their own bubble of happiness. I was mentally popping their bubble in my head because I didn’t like a certain type of music. I couldn’t identify with it so I negatively judged it. That’s not on them, that’s on me. I get it now. All it took was an 80 year old in the handicapped parking spot at Publix.

As with everything there is a fine line. I wouldn’t openly project a porn movie on a blow up screen in the front yard because porn makes me happy. (Strictly hypothetical;) But that being said, you shouldn’t go through life fearing that others will judge you for what makes you happy. It’s easier to judge other people than to reflect upon yourself. So my challenge to all is except yourself and what you love. Live in your moment.

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