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Stupid Humans

I live in Central Florida and as a central Floridian I am aware of certain hazards that come with it. Hurricanes. They happen from time to time and everyone that lives here deals with it. And nobody can survive here without air conditioning. Sharks! New Smyrna Beach has dealt with the ‘shark bite capitol of the world’ label for years now. My point being, we live in a potentially dangerous environment, but we know the risks. Did you know alligators live in Florida?

Just today, the top news story was a woman lost an arm to an alligator while swimming in a river that is known to have alligators in it. While that is terrible to hear and I have sympathy for the victim she was indeed “swimming with sharks.” The human response of course is to put out a man-hunt on the alligator that did it. That bastard of an alligator that was just being an alligator in its own environment! How dare that dastardly beast! Kill it! KILL IT!

I find it funny how they have this JAWS mentality that the animal has a taste for human flesh, that it was premeditated. They shall continue to dismember foolish humans that invade their territory just because they can. If somebody enters your home and you shoot them, it’s considered legal. Yet if we enter an animal’s home and they eat us, retribution must be had! I’m really surprised they didn’t kill the lion that killed that lady in Africa who was on safari with the windows down…


UPDATE  Bear might be killed in hiker’s death in Yellowstone!

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