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History repeats itself

I live in the United States of America. That’s a fact. My birth certificate says so. My driver’s license says so. My passport says so. My dad was in the Air Force and I rose for the Pledge of Allegiance every day at school. I’m American through and through. And like a true American I am going to be reactionary with my thoughts and actions on the following topic. I like to think I’m a logical guy and that most people would share my logic but I guess, as an American, I am destined to be wrong.

A tragedy recently happened in Charleston, South Carolina where an ignorant, young man decided he was going to start a race war by murdering nine people in a church. Does it make it a more heinous crime because it took place in a church? Maybe. The victims felt more protected and safe than say, in a back alley at midnight in the wrong part of town. That being said, it was a horrible tragedy committed by one bad apple floating in our gene pool. But, as an American, I must be able to react to this and effectively point my finger at the culprit and make everyone feel okay about it without addressing the bigger, looming issue. The answer to this tragedy and all of America’s race woes is to take down the Confederate flag that is flying outside of the capitol of South Carolina. I’m surprised nobody thought of this answer sooner!

Okay, I will admit, I honestly believe that the confederate flag should not be flying outside of a government building. Our government is designed to represent the people that it governs and their Ideologies, what they believe now, not what they believed in the past. Let’s get this whole, celebration of heritage BS out in the open right now. Yes, The South once flown that flag proudly but when was the last time you saw someone ‘celebrating their heritage of hate?’ Ask the Germans how many people fly Nazi flags outside their window and claim, “it’s my heritage.” You celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, independence, a raise at work…You don’t celebrate bigotry, racism and hatred. Those that do? They will be lost to history as the victims and the survivors of such tragedies will far outlive the memory of the madmen that create such carnage.

So this is all logical, right? So why am I even tackling this? Several disturbing news stories have prompted me to speak out, even if no one is listening. The first states that Warner Bros is removing the confederate flag from The General Lee toy merchandise line. Yes, the ’69 Dodge Charger that the “good ol’ boys” drove in “The Dukes of Hazzard” is being stripped of its confederate flag that adorned the top of the car. Why? Because the WB is sympathetic to the plights of the non-whites in America…yawn…Sounds like a PR stunt to me. Another, and what really pushed me over the edge, is Apple removing the confederate flag from all Civil War games. Yes, you read that correctly. Games that teachers endorse as being historically accurate to educate a new generation about our country’s history are being white-washed to coincide with bad press. Our society is literally re-writing history!

One hundred years from now, will the next generation even know why the Civil War was fought? (believe me, it wasn’t so much about black human rights as it was about money). My point being, AMERICA, I’m calling you out! Stop being a reactionary country and trying to band aid everything just to appease the population! Own up to your own problems and stop showboating how we’re the best in the world. Take a good, hard look in the mirror and say “this is gonna be hard, it’s gonna hurt, but in the end we’ll be better for it.” Banning a confederate flag does nothing towards race relations…it just gives more power to the symbol of the flag and the problem itself. I hardly believe that Black America is jumping for joy that Bo and Luke Duke have to paint over the flag on top of their car.  Hooray, now racism is solved…

In my humble opinion, you connect with people by showcasing your similarities, not your differences. I typically don’t like to talk about politics or religion because it’s so divisive but sometimes you just have to make your voice heard. In theory, we ALL can get along! It’s a combination of hard work and a healing process. But I’m an American…I want it now with as little effort as possible…

*And I intentionally did not identify the race of the culprit who killed nine people in a church for a very specific reason! Ultimately the media will start a race war based upon how many web page views or tweets it gets. A messed up human being killed other innocent human beings, that’s the story…racism won’t go away until we, as humans, recognize others as just the same as we are. HUMAN. Colorful artwork fills my heart with so much joy that at sometimes wants to burst, but I would give it all away if all humans were colorblind…

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